kearns, aids-write & havvacc: notes on objectivity & credibility & balanced coverage

as a journalist, a person who writes “stories” that are non-fictional portayals of currently “significant” persons and issues and actions in the “real world” (writing contemporary history)

credibility is everything

it is not dependent on style — third person, conversational & stuffy

objectivity is an illision, and is partly the responsiblity of the reader as co-creater of the story

  • reader
  • text
  • writer/speaker/publication

reporter does not exist independently of the story (“fly on the wall” journalism)

credibility and objectivity are not the same things

just because a story is phrased in the third person doesn’t mean it’s objective orcredible

the goal of “bias-free” coverage in journalism requires personal authenticity

openly embrace your bias, your point of view

  • which is in itself a balancing opinion
  • it is your cultural expertise
  • it is your self-defining viewpoint
  • is informed by elements of artistry & craft
  • enhances your watchdog “function” when you are cognizant in your text of it

internet readers exist in the context of

  • multi-sourced
  • constellations of
  • news reports (stories) with
  • layering of

stories and issues

bloggers/blogging [limited to los angeles only audience in conception] exists in thatcontext

journalism is a mythologizing, shamanic process

reading, writing, thinking and being (self-definition) are a part of the same process

see a wisdom of aids










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