kearns to LA city council: poem for world AIDS day 2009 (0093)

[december 1, 2009, world AIDS day]
richard kearns, poet advocate. here is my poem for world AIDS day, 2009. (i have given the clerk copies)

jeff was dying, i was not
a hundred karposi lesions
covered his body &
made him look like
nijinsky in afternoon
with a faun,
only skinny

he was my captain of
bright & stormy mornings
my saint & my man
he was my AIDS hero
(more than mine) & i
hated he was leaving me

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thomas carlyle: first use of the term “fourth estate” (0086)

text follows jump

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seil of green LA girl to speak on LMU journalism & blogging panel with kearns of & samano of (0082)

Hear green LA girl talk about Blogging as a Profession at LMU 11/18

Yes, I blog for a living — though this blog alone doesn’t pay my rent. Curious about how you can stay solvent as an online writer? Then come to the Online Journalism and Blogging as a Profession panel I’ll be speaking on next week:

When: Wed., Nov. 18, 4:30 pm
Where: University Hall 3226,
Loyola Marymount University,
1 LMU Dr., Los Angeles
Cost: FREE — and refreshments will be served

The two other panelists are Richard Kearns, a blogger and activist on HIV and AIDS issues at and HAVVACC; and Simon Samano, associate editor of

Yes, this panel’s an LMU event, so most of the audience will be students. However, everyone’s still welcome to hear the panel — and enjoy the refreshments. Hope to see you there –

kearns: “rk—mission statement” (poem) (0078)


rk—mission statement

everything. all things. all loves. all knowledge. all
expressions. all passions.

as long as i have breath.

this day.

all ways.

in strength and weakness and joy and sorrow.

past the end.

around the bend.

kearns to speak at LMU panel about online journalism & blogging nov. 18 (0068)


Nov. 18, 2009
English Dept.
Hall 3226


Environmental Activist &
Founder of Green LA Girl Blog

Richard Kearns
Blogger & Activist,
HIV/AIDS issues

Simon Samano
Associate Editor,

Sponsored by the LMU English Department • Refreshments will be served
For more info, contact Molly Youngkin, 310-568-6226

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hiv/aids storytelling: kearns’ open poem to same-sex marriage townhall meet 10-19-2005 (0058)

aidswriteorg-logoan open poem to the october 19, 2005 town hall meeting for the equality for all campaign

my name is richard kearns. i am a gay man living with AIDS. i’ve lived with aids a while.

how can i help in this, our common struggle? our great LGBT vision of what marriage means?

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kearns announces launch of HAVVACC on national HIV/AIDS & aging awareness day (NHAAAD) at LA city council meeting (long play) (034)[september 22, 2009] good morning president pro tem perry, distinguished council members. i have given the clerk copies of my prepared remarks

my name is richard kearns. i am a 58-year-old gay man living with AIDS for more than 20 years — a long-term survivor & an AIDS activist, a poet and journalist.

i came to city hall this morning

not only to thank the

city council — and particularly council members rosendahl and koretz — for passing a resolution observing National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD) (September 18) in Los Angeles,

but also to announce the

launch — with the support of the LA City AIDS Coordinator’s Office — of a new cultural activist’s website, the HIV/AIDS Volunteer Virtual Assisted Care Community ( HAVVACC!

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