video post: kearns to LA city council announcing elder HIV/AIDS summit & new media training feb 12 (0119)


if this works, share my joy of this unhistoric moment of major insignificance, la la la



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ksdk (gannett, nbc, USAtoday), st. louis: 69-year-old stu smith lives with HIV/AIDS & premature aging (0118)

AIDS and aging
December 29, 2009

NBC — Thanks to a powerful combination of drugs, HIV is for the most part a chronic, but treatable condition. But while those drugs help people live longer, it appears people with HIV are aging faster.

Stu Smith has lived with HIV since the early ’80’s and living with the virus for him means living with a huge list of medications.

39 to be exact.

Stu says “I take heart medications, I take liver, I can’t even remember, actually I carry a list.”

The meds help keep him active. But at 69, he says he often times feels older, much older.

Stu says “Today I feel like I’m a hundred.”

In addition to living with HIV, he’s also feeling the effects of premature aging.

Stu says “that’s a direct result of what they first called brittle bone disease, it was a simple break. On a good day I can walk fifty feet, without sitting down and holding onto something. My memory is a mess and it’s embarassing because sometimes I can’t remember what I forgot.”

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seil of green LA girl to speak on LMU journalism & blogging panel with kearns of & samano of (0082)

Hear green LA girl talk about Blogging as a Profession at LMU 11/18

Yes, I blog for a living — though this blog alone doesn’t pay my rent. Curious about how you can stay solvent as an online writer? Then come to the Online Journalism and Blogging as a Profession panel I’ll be speaking on next week:

When: Wed., Nov. 18, 4:30 pm
Where: University Hall 3226,
Loyola Marymount University,
1 LMU Dr., Los Angeles
Cost: FREE — and refreshments will be served

The two other panelists are Richard Kearns, a blogger and activist on HIV and AIDS issues at and HAVVACC; and Simon Samano, associate editor of

Yes, this panel’s an LMU event, so most of the audience will be students. However, everyone’s still welcome to hear the panel — and enjoy the refreshments. Hope to see you there –

HIV/AIDS cultural activism: IRIN’s ‘heroes of HIV’ short film series (018)

IRIN transparentlogohumanitarian news and analysis
a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

IRIN Films is pleased to announce the launch of “Heroes of HIV” – a powerful and moving series of short films on HIV/AIDS.

“Heroes of HIV” profiles people involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Their stories are sometimes sad, sometimes uplifting, always inspiring.

catholicbishop200908241127570294.jpgKevin Dowling is a South African Catholic Bishop, who has worked for years with the poor of Rustenburg, northern South Africa. But the shockingly high rates of HIV infection in these communities persuaded him that, against Catholic Church doctrine, condoms should be promoted as the only effective means of halting the spread of the virus.

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HIV/AIDS cultural activism: kudos to cleveland for ‘the female condom’ (016)


good work! now i wanna see the version with two guys in the bathroom.


‘The Female Condom’
Brought to you by the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland

HIV/AIDS cultural activism: digital story collecting among migrant workers in swaziland (015)


December 04, 2007

Thandiwe Dlamini’s fierce fight against HIV and AIDS is compromised by the abject lack of resources and medical personnel and the stigmatization of her community in Swaziland. However, with the love and support of her employer and colleagues, and through prayer and faith, she considers herself living testimony to the fact that there is indeed life after HIV infection. Language: siSwati…Subtitles: English


another excellent example of multimedia cultural activism in assembling a body of compelling anecdotal knowledge. a discussion of the project by clodagh miskelly, panos, london, follows



A Snapshot of Life
by Clodagh Miskelly. Panos London
May 1, 2009

“Migrants who tell their own stories defy the common labels of victim or scrounger and provide a powerful counterpoint to mainstream reporting…”

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HIV/AIDS cultural activism: popular tanzaniian tv show spotlights HIV prevention (014)



an excellent example of HIV/AIDS cultural activism.



JULY 2009 — Like American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent in the US and the UK, Bongo Star Search is all the rage in Tanzania. On Sunday evenings, television sets across this country of 44 million people are tuned to the show, and its finalists are instantly recognized by young people and adults alike. However, unlike the British and US shows, Bongo Star Search aims to be a “change agent” for its audiences, not just for the competitors. It accomplishes this because of a unique partnership between Benchmark Productions, the show’s creators, and HIV experts at Family Health International (FHI) and UNICEF.

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