video post: kearns to LA city council announcing elder HIV/AIDS summit & new media training feb 12 (0119)


if this works, share my joy of this unhistoric moment of major insignificance, la la la



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kearns to LA city council: HIV/AIDS elder summit & new media training in bradley conference center set for valentine’s weekend (0106)

[december 15, 2009] good morning president
garcetti, distinguished council members. i
have given the clerk copies of my prepared

my name is richard kearns. i am a
58-year-old gay man living with AIDS
in los angeles for more than
20 years, an angelino poet advocate.

i am delighted to announce to you
this morning that
on friday, february 12th, 2010,
upstairs in the
tom bradley conference center,
on the 27th floor,
we will hold,

LA city
advocacy summit
& new media

“new tricks
for old dogs &
their allies”

sponsored by
councilmember bill rosendahl &
the city AIDS coordinators office

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kearns: save the date (feb 12, 2010) for LA city grassroots elder HIV/AIDS sdvocacy summit & new media training (0105)

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kearns to LA city council: poem for world AIDS day 2009 (0093)

[december 1, 2009, world AIDS day]
richard kearns, poet advocate. here is my poem for world AIDS day, 2009. (i have given the clerk copies)

jeff was dying, i was not
a hundred karposi lesions
covered his body &
made him look like
nijinsky in afternoon
with a faun,
only skinny

he was my captain of
bright & stormy mornings
my saint & my man
he was my AIDS hero
(more than mine) & i
hated he was leaving me

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kearns to LA city council: observations on the medical cannabis dialog in my absence (0092)

[november 24, 2009] good morning president pro tem perry, distinguished council members. i have given the clerk copies of my prepared remarks.

my name is richard kearns. i am a 58-year-old gay man living with AIDS in los angeles for more than 20 years — a long-term survivor & AIDS activist, a medical cannabis patient & advocate, a poet & journalist. an angelino.

my intent in addressing you this morning is to
comment on the character of the meetings i
missed last week: monday’s joint PLUM &
public safety committee meeting & the city
council meeting that followed it wednesday.

i was too sick to make it downtown last week
— i wish medical cannabis cured everything,
but it doesn’t. however, i did listen & watch
on the internet (thank you for making that
possibility available).

first, i must note how proud i am of the
character & conduct & thoughtfulness &
overall growth of my community over the last
couple of years in its advocacy. that change,
that growth was clearly reflected over the
course of those two meetings as i listened by
my laptop.

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thomas carlyle: first use of the term “fourth estate” (0086)

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kearns, aids-write, havvacc: how shall we be free? (reprint) (0085)

how shall we be free?

how shall we be free?


gay pride 2005 in los angeles. the parade on sunday.

eleven o’clock sunday morning. i am preparing to march with aids-dot-org. there are nine of us, eager and restless and proud and ready as we wait in our assigned parade staging area. we mill in a whirling colored poppingcorn carnival of paraders.

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