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Jules Levin, the Executive Director of the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP), is the writer and publisher of the well recognized NATAP Reports newsletter and the NATAP web site, URL address http://www.natap.org. NATAP also has other treatment education programs aimed at teaching treatment education and providing treatments information to consumers. He brings his personal knowledge and experience to the discussions. His regular contributions at the NATAP site are quite extensive, and we will be publishing HIV/AIDS & aging-related posts regularly as we get them from him. Below are links to a couple of interviews with him that include biographical info.



POZ interview:
Hepatitis & HIV Co-infection Treatment 2006

29:53 – 3 years ago
Hepatitis, HIV, AIDS Treatment Update: Jules Levin & Jay Kostman, MD discuss the latest treatments for Hepatitis at the Conference on Retrovirus’ held in Denver, 2006. Jules has been cured, “yes cured”, from Heptatitis C.

HIV ReSource Review – Issue 21
Interview With Jules Levin

By Donna Tinnerello, MS, RD, CDN

Jules Levin is a person living with AIDS in New York City (NY). Jules sits on the boards of several companies, has the ear of the FDA and helps to make AIDS policy on the national level.

He considers it his mission to educate the community about HIV thereby ensuring that HIV-positive people get the best possible treatment. What makes his work even more effective is that he has the ear and the respect of most NY HIV treating physicians.

Jules is the founder of NATAP (National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project) and the author of NATAP Reports (a newsletter with all the latest medical information). He is a national and international traveler and attends all the major conferences to get the latest research firsthand.

Jules, who can translate, simplify and disseminate life saving information, also gets the best speakers with the latest research for periodic large scale NY conferences.

As we all know, HIV medical issues are complex. Jules has recently pioneered the radio broadcasting venue with his weekly Sunday night radio show on WOR. He explores the most complex, cutting edge issues by interviewing the big names in AIDS research.

With this show Jules has the opportunity to provide a valuable resource to busy HIV specialists and people challenged by HIV.

Like many others, Jules is an individual living with both HIV and Hepatitis C. It is always helpful to know the thoughts of informed educators who have an insight into the world of those living with HIV.

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