About havvacc

richardkearns.awo.atomic-moi-0504090915aHAVVACC‘s aim, as a cultural activist’s site with intended social, artistic & political impact,  is

to seek out, collect & publish accounts, traditional & anecdotal, textual & multimedia’d, objective and subjective, about life for elder HIVers/PWAs (& their kith & kin)

  • living in assisted care facilities in the US & particularly in LA,
  • accessing in-home support services as well as
  • attending what we could loosely call HIV/AIDS “daycare” services, ranging from peer support groups to acupuncture, from opportunities to volunteer to speed dating

to report on the growing needs of our community and //

to compile a body of stories about living the assisted care system, so that HIVers entering the system for the first time will be alert to issues, challenges and suggestions

to advocate for assisted healthcare system reforms by generating informed dialog about how to meet those needs, personally & institutionally, and

to establish, by May of 2011, of an HIV/AIDS resident-centered model assisted care facility, who may then generate & advocate for standards of care

to include your stories & contributions — please email me directly, rk@aids-write.org,  otherwise i spend most of my time zapping spam comments. will run a “letters to the editor” feature or work with you instead. tell me your story: i’m a writing coach.

look forward to hearing from you.



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