USDA report (in americaBLOG): 81% more seniors living alone rely on foodbanks (0128)

The Obama failure: senior citizens increasingly relying on food pantries
by Chris in Paris


the text about this US department of agriculture (USDA) report is excerpted in a 11/28/2009 post on americaBLOG. i have put the report first and the 2 paragraphs of commentary after, reversing the order of the original post.



The number of seniors living alone who seek help from food pantries in the U.S. increased 81 percent to 408,000 in 2008, compared to 225,000 in 2006, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Overall, 4.7 million households used American food pantries in 2008, compared to about 3.7 million in 2006.

“Seniors thought they were OK, but they’re not OK,” said Virginia Skinner, director of Development at The Association of Arizona Food Banks in Phoenix, citing the downturn in the area’s housing market.

Catholic Charities USA, which has 170 agencies across the country helping the needy, issued a 2009 third-quarter report that found a 54 percent increase in requests for food and services from seniors nationwide compared to the same period last year.

Why is this Obama’s failure? There’s little doubt that the current economic condition is a direct result of the GOP policies that were implemented with the Clinton economic team, including Larry Summers. Obama obviously had nothing to do with that. Where he is responsible though is hiring Summers and that right wing group to steer the economy. Obama has ignored the liberal economists over and over. Instead, he has bought into the Wall Street view of the world. He talks a big story and yes, we hear his outrage. After a while though, shouldn’t he step up and quit the talking and do something to stop the feeding frenzy? We can’t afford both and there’s little to suggest the Wall Street bailout was appreciated or respected.

Is it ethical and morally acceptable to maintain the posh Wall Street lifestyle when we are seeing so many Americans falling so far behind? The moral compass in this White House doesn’t look significantly different from the Bush years and that is indeed a serious disappointment. Obama is sadly in as much of a bubble as George W. Bush. The apologists always like to blame Geithner (who deserves blame) for everything but he’s not the president, is he? There’s still time to get back on track but it’s disappearing quickly.

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