video post: kearns to LA city council announcing elder HIV/AIDS summit & new media training feb 12 (0119)


if this works, share my joy of this unhistoric moment of major insignificance, la la la



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[december 15, 2009] good morning president
garcetti, distinguished council members. i
have given the clerk copies of my prepared

my name is richard kearns. i am a
58-year-old gay man living with AIDS
in los angeles for more than
20 years, an angelino poet advocate.

i am delighted to announce to you
this morning that
on friday, february 12th, 2010,
upstairs in the
tom bradley conference center,
on the 27th floor,
we will hold,

LA city
advocacy summit
& new media

“new tricks
for old dogs &
their allies”

sponsored by
councilmember rosendahl &
the city AIDS coordinators office

HIVers over 50 — elder Persons Living with
HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) — are predicted to double in
community prevalance over the next five
years to constitute nearly 60 per cent of the
national HIV-infected population”
“Everyone treats us as liabilities when in fact,
we are resources — both to ourselves and to
our community. However, as a group, I’d also
characterize many elder HIVers as ‘internet
challenged.” i know i am. but the
question becomes this: why should we let
ourselves be intimidated by something a
nine-year-old can master in a single sitting?

at this one-day
valentine’s weekend conference,
we intend to build a website
from scratch on which
we plan to practice posting
videos & text, with
younger tutors on hand if needed
we hope to meet briefly with
all of you & your staffs
to begin to get to know one another
We aim to empower
15-30 new getting-older
HIV/AIDS activists & their allies,
to get them up to speed
with new media skills &
to get them networking &
to set them loose. as watchdogs

elder HIVers
already know the ropes. we
already know what to do. we are
already capable. double the 1983 denver
principlesapply here: we are
already experts both in
HIV/AIDS & in life.
the internet is easy.

we’re needed out there.


richard kearns

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