HIV/AIDS & H1N1: CA dept of public health — phone hotline & links (0067)


[hotline number 1-888-865-0564]

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Outbreak:

Visit the CA Dept. of Public Health H1N1 Influenza Home Page

heading_ca department pub healthH1N1 Vaccine Update: H1N1 vaccine is arriving in very limited quantities, and we are targeting this early vaccine to health care workers and high-risk individuals.  By the end of October, we expect H1N1 vaccine to be more widely available.  At that time, H1N1 vaccine will be offered to the public at selected locations, which will be posted here.

H1N1 Vaccine Information and Locations: Please continue to check our H1N1 Vaccine page for information and our H1N1 Vaccination Locations page for availability and locations where you can be vaccinated. The following retail locations and public health-sponsored sites will have H1N1 vaccine in the future: WalgreensCVS PharmacyWal-Mart Flu Shot ClinicsRite-AidSafewayLocal Public Health Clinics.

Exciting News! Public Invited to Vote for Top H1N1 Video Entrants —  Choose your favorite!

Dr. Mark Horton’s October 22, 2009 news release on H1N1

Dr. Mark Horton’s October 22, 2009 media briefing on H1N1  (MP3, 3.5 MB)

Dr. Mark Horton Says Get Vaccinated! … Spanish

HEALTHCAST: Listen to Dr. Mark Horton talking about Your Flu Symptoms (MP3, 1.6MB) … Transcript (PDF)

Mensajes para tu salud: Dr. Gil Chávez habla acerca de los síntomas de la influenza (MP3, 2.4MB)… Transcripción (PDF)

Statement by Health and Human Services Secretary Kim Belshé regarding exemption to AB 2943

Seasonal Flu

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Now Available in California … Spanish

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