ONAP (office of nat’l AIDS policy) sets dates & times of HIV/AIDS comm’ty dialogs to develop NHAS (nat’l HIV/AIDS strategy) (041)



One of the President’s top HIV/AIDS policy priorities is the development and implementation of a National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). There are three primary goals for the NHAS:

  • Reducing HIV incidence
  • Increasing access to care and optimizing health outcomes
  • Reducing HIV-related health disparities

The Administration is committed to developing the NHAS through a process that is inclusive of a broad range of perspectives and stakeholders. To achieve this goal, the Office of National AIDS Policy will solicit public input via multiple channels:

  1. The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS: The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) provides advice to the President, transmitted through the Secretary of Health and Human Services. PACHA’s revised charter calls for the council to provide advice, information, and recommendations regarding programs and policies that address the three goals for the NHAS. In addition, PACHA will be instrumental in monitoring the implementation of the NHAS once the Strategy has been completed. Finally, PACHA will focus on the global HIV pandemic, including expanded access to treatment, care, and prevention for people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS around the world.The Secretary of Health and Human Services is responsible for appointing individuals who serve on PACHA. PACHA membership has historically included prominent community leaders with particular expertise in, or knowledge of, matters concerning HIV and AIDS, public health, global health, philanthropy, marketing or business, as well as other national leaders held in high esteem from other sectors of society.
  2. National HIV/AIDS Community Discussions: ONAP will hold a series of fourteen forums from late summer through the end of 2009 in various regions of the country with diverse communities impacted by HIV/AIDS. These forums will provide opportunities for individual citizens to provide White House staff and other policy makers with their recommendations for achieving the President’s three goals for the NHAS.Locations for the planned forums include (in alphabetical order): Albuquerque, NM; Atlanta, GA; Columbia, SC; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Houston, TX; Jackson, MS; Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; Oakland, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Juan, Puerto Rico; the Virgin Islands, and Washington, DC.

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Location Date
Minneapolis, MN October 2
Albuquerque, NM October 9
Houston, TX October 10
San Francisco, CA October 16
Oakland, CA October 17
Los Angeles, CA October 18
Columbia, SC October 26
San Juan, Puerto Rico November 6
US Virgin Islands November 9
Jackson, MS November 16
Fort Lauderdale, FL November 20
New York, NY December 4
  1. Call to Action: America Speaks about HIV/AIDS: It is not possible to travel to every community in the country that would like to provide us with valuable input and recommendations to inform the NHAS. Further, some people may not find a community forum to be the best way to express their ideas. Therefore, on October 2nd, 2009 we launched a call to action to encourage community-based organizations, churches, schools, businesses, research institutions and other groups to hold their own discussions about the strategic steps we need to take as a nation to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Additional information on the call to action and the comment form is available on the Call to Action page.

These and other mechanisms of public input will be fed into the process for developing the NHAS. ONAP’s Director, Jeffrey Crowley, will also convene a federal HIV/AIDS interagency working group that will be responsible for helping to develop the NHAS and ensuring coordination, accountability, and improved outcomes across the federal government. The interagency group will include representatives of other White House offices and agencies working on HIV/AIDS from across the federal government.

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