kearns to LA city council: a 2-minute tour of my personal HIV/AIDS & aging-related frailties & multimorbidities (long play) (038)


[september 30, 2009, ryan white CARE act sundown day] good morning president garcetti, distinguished council members. i have given the clerk copies of my prepared remarks.

my name is richard kearns. i am a 58-year-old gay man living with AIDS in los angeles for more than 20 years. i am a long-term survivor & AIDS activist, a medical cannabis advocate, a poet and journalist. i’m here today to talk with you about HAVVACC, the online HIV/AIDS Volunteer Virtual Assisted Care Community that began publishing last week with the city’s proclamation of National HIV/AIDS & Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD). Our aim is to assemble a body of both anecdotal & scientific knowledge to help prepare the demographic surge of HIVers over 50 to enter & reform the assisted care system in los angeles. in five years our 50+ segment will represent 60% of the national HIV-infected population.

HAVVACC just published jules levin’s at NATAP’s notes & links to recent abstracts from studies on frailties & multimorbititiies in HIVers & PWAs. it’s dry reading, but since i’ve got a good number of them myself, i thought i would show you how it works in a real-life person. (me.)

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