LA city council resolution honors HIVers/PWAs over 50 on nat’l HIV/AIDS & aging awareness day (NHAAAD) (033)

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day — September 18

[sponsored by CM Rosendahl & CM Koretz —rk]

WHEREAS, after nearly 30 years years, the AIDS plague remains an unprecedented global challenge calling for extraordinary solutions all the way down to local and personal levels;

WHEREAS, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report persons aged 50 and older account for 10% of new HIV diagnoses; 24% of persons living with HIV; 33% of persons living with AIDS; 19% of all AIDS diagnoses; and are expected to double in prevalence in the national HIV population to a remarkable 60% over the next 5 years;

WHEREAS, AIDS remains a chronic, life-threatening and life-altering condition for which there is neither cure, nor vaccine, nor treatment without eventual major debilitating side effects, with no prognosis other than an inevitable & determined erosion of wellness and functionality with the passage of time;

WHEREAS, persons with AIDS (PWAs), according to the 1983 Denver AIDS Principles, must be listened to as expert voices participating in all public health policy dialogues about our lives & deaths and our disease;

WHEREAS, the National AIDS Institute has designated September 18, 2009 as the 2nd annual National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NAAAD);

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles takes this occasion to honor those living with HIV over the age of 50 as a resource as well as an at-risk population, experienced survivors with significant prevention, treatment & care insights to offer in service to the larger community, both infected & uninfected;

WHEREAS, in observance of NAAAD in Los Angeles, and in light of the California state budget crisis, the City Council calls on those living with HIV over 50 to increase their efforts to improve the welfare of our city, and urges those individuals to greater advocacy, focusing on the need for prevention, research, data and medical understanding of the aging process and its impact on HIV/AIDS for:

  • the growing number of people living with HIV and AIDS who are aging with the disease or are already over 50 at the time of diagnosis;
  • the increasing percentage of our population that needs to protect itself from HIV infection, including the growing baby boomer population; and
  • the increasing numbers of grandparents becoming the primary custodial parent for children who have lost their parent(s) to HIV/AIDS

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that by the adoption of this resolution the Los Angeles City Council along with the Mayor, City Attorney and City Controller do hereby declare September 18 National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day in the City of Los Angeles.

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