jules levin, NATAP: JAIDS october 2009 report on HIV/AIDS & cancer in post-HAART era (abstract) (037)




jules rocks.



Incidence of Non-AIDS-Defining Malignancies Higher in HIV-Infected Versus Noninfected Patients in the HAART Era: Impact of Immunosuppression

JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes: October 2009

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jules levin, NATAP: more on HIV/AIDS, aging & frailty (036)


i missed a chunk from jules’ last report.



HIV-1 Infection Is Associated With an Earlier Occurrence of Frailty….in MACS

“HIV-1 Infection Is Associated With an Earlier Occurrence of a Phenotype Related to Frailty: HIV+ men in MACS 10-Times More Likely to Exhibit Frailty than HIV-negative Men”

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jules levin, NATAP: research links & notes on HIV/AIDS, aging, frailty & multimorbidities (035)


there’s quite a bit here.

jules is following up on a 2007 NIH workshop on HIV/AIDS & aging, observing that “since then …[not] much [has] been done to address the issues & questions raised in the CID report of the meeting.”

i intend to skim & study this just as much to get a handle on the terminology as to get a sense of the terrain from my point of view, a PWA living in an assisted care institution.


Aging & HIV Recognized as a Serious Concern But No Real Discussion, Still Ignored. 2007 NIH Workshop recommendations
Jules Levin, NATAP

“by 2015 more than 50% of HIV+ will be >50 yrs old”. In 2007 the NIH held a workshop on aging but since then have you heard about the results? Has much been done to address the issues & questions raised in the CID report of the meeting linked to below? The report suggests guidelines should address these issues but they still don’t, there is no education for clinicians and patients, there was no mention of bone disease in the report from the workshop.
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kearns announces launch of HAVVACC on national HIV/AIDS & aging awareness day (NHAAAD) at LA city council meeting (long play) (034)

rivhardkearns.awo.la-seal-0116090901[september 22, 2009] good morning president pro tem perry, distinguished council members. i have given the clerk copies of my prepared remarks

my name is richard kearns. i am a 58-year-old gay man living with AIDS for more than 20 years — a long-term survivor & an AIDS activist, a poet and journalist.

i came to city hall this morning

not only to thank the

city council — and particularly council members rosendahl and koretz — for passing a resolution observing National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD) (September 18) in Los Angeles,

but also to announce the

launch — with the support of the LA City AIDS Coordinator’s Office — of a new cultural activist’s website, the HIV/AIDS Volunteer Virtual Assisted Care Community (https://havvacc.wordpress.com). HAVVACC!

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LA city council resolution honors HIVers/PWAs over 50 on nat’l HIV/AIDS & aging awareness day (NHAAAD) (033)

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day — September 18

[sponsored by CM Rosendahl & CM Koretz —rk]

WHEREAS, after nearly 30 years years, the AIDS plague remains an unprecedented global challenge calling for extraordinary solutions all the way down to local and personal levels;

WHEREAS, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report persons aged 50 and older account for 10% of new HIV diagnoses; 24% of persons living with HIV; 33% of persons living with AIDS; 19% of all AIDS diagnoses; and are expected to double in prevalence in the national HIV population to a remarkable 60% over the next 5 years;

WHEREAS, AIDS remains a chronic, life-threatening and life-altering condition for which there is neither cure, nor vaccine, nor treatment without eventual major debilitating side effects, with no prognosis other than an inevitable & determined erosion of wellness and functionality with the passage of time;

WHEREAS, persons with AIDS (PWAs), according to the 1983 Denver AIDS Principles, must be listened to as expert voices participating in all public health policy dialogues about our lives & deaths and our disease;

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kearns to LA county HIV commission: HIV/AIDS over 50 & assisted care facilities: a call to action (long play) (032)


fyi: https://havvacc.wordpress.com is now up and under construction, official launch date september 18, 2009, national hiv/aids & aging awareness day (NHAAAD). right now we’re under construction and open for suggestions and contributions. take a look around. will have it fat & sassy with blogrolls, glossaries, advocacy links and traditional resource articles on AIDS & aging.



[thursday, august 13, 2009] good morning HIV commissioners. i have given a copy of my prepared remarks to the clerk. my name is richard kearns. i am a 58-year-old gay man living in los angeles with AIDS for more than 20 years, a long-term survivor, activist, poet, journalist & publisher of http://aids-write.org.

i have lived in an assisted care facility since march of 2005.

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september 18 marks 2nd annual National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD) (031)

NHAAAD Logo-400National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day: September 18, 2009

Washington, DC – September 18, 2009 marks the 2nd annual national awareness initiative of The AIDS Institute titled National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAAD). This national campaign highlights the complex issues related to HIV prevention, care and treatment for aging populations in the United States. It is the goal of the campaign to highlight challenges such as the need for prevention, research, data and medical understanding of the aging process and the impact of HIV/AIDS. There are important groups that will be highlighted in this work: Continue reading