havvacc poem: kearns to LA city council: a wisdom of AIDS (long play) (012)


public comments went really well at the LA city council meeting today [tuesday, december 9, 2008]. nine medical cannabis patients & advocates testified there, many for the first time. other patients showed up for support as well. our speakers also got applause from the many members of the carpenters’ union present, who were attending about another issue. . . .

prepared statement:

richard kearns,
AIDS activist & long-term survivor,
medical cannabis patient & advocate.
poet & journalist.

this morning i want to
share with you a
lesson i’ve learned from
living with AIDS for
more than 20 years.
it is in the form of a
pattern of questions
i’ve learned to ask myself
every time
i have the

if you don’t tell ‘em
you love ‘em
when are you gonna
tell ‘em?
when it’s too late?

if you don’t
climb the mountain
when will you
climb it?
when it’s too late?

if you don’t
go to vancouver or
the getty
when will you go?
when it’s too late?

if you don’t riverraft now, or
ride in a hot air balloon now, or
become a steelworker now, or
ice skate now, or
sing carols & anthems now, or
speak at city hall for the first time now,
when will you?
when it’s too late?

if we don’t
make good medical cannabis ordinance
now —
ordinance that talks about
dispensing facilities & not
just cultivation —
when will we?
when it’s too late?

i am here today to
confess my love
to you

to remind you that
life isn’t just short,
it’s fleeting

to inform you that
just law is
good medicine

to ask you to
reconvene the
working group
to create a
team that can
make & fine-tune
medical cannabis ordinance

if we are not free to
live more livable lives
when will we be?
when it’s too late?

if you don’t tell ‘em
you love ‘em
when are you gonna
tell ‘em?
when it’s too late?

i love you



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